Dental Sealants


Children have a higher incidence of cavities than adults for several reasons. 

  • Some children do not like to brush their teeth

  • Children are still learning correct brushing techniques. 

  • A child’s mouth is smaller and harder to maneuver a toothbrush inside

  • Children’s teeth tend to have more crevices than adult teeth. 

To encourage brushing, there are many small children’s toothbrushes available in bright colors and favorite characters. Children’s toothpaste comes in bright and fun containers as well as in fabulous flavors. From an early age, teach them that they should brush and floss at least twice a day to establish a good oral regimen that continues throughout adulthood. 

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends dental sealants for children through the age of 18 to help prevent cavities. The sealant coats the teeth and seals the crevices to keep food and bacteria from building up. By keeping food and bacteria off the surface of the teeth, less tooth decay (cavities) can develop. 

Dental sealants are painless, and most dental insurance companies cover the procedure. A small brush is used to paint a rubbery substance over the teeth. The sealants are monitored during regular check-ups and can be reapplied as needed. 

Tucson Premier Smiles offers dental sealants for their pediatric patients.


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