Tooth decay is the biggest enemy of good oral health. Tooth decay (cavities) need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading and possibly leading to more dental work or infection. 

When a cavity is removed from a tooth, the resulting defect (hole) is filled with a special dental material to seal the tooth and make it whole once again. The special material is called a filling. Fillings are the most common dental procedure performed. 

The area of the booth is numbed with an anesthetic before the decay is removed from the tooth. Receiving a filling is painless and simple. The staff at Tucson Premier Smiles will work with you to decide which type of filling is the best for you. 

Gold fillings are available if the patient is not opposed to the cost. Gold is very strong and can last for 10 to 15 years. Silver amalgam is also very strong and a good choice for back teeth due to the force that the back teeth endure during chewing. Most patients prefer not to have the silver fillings in their front teeth. Porcelain fillings are popular, especially for inlays or onlays which are larger fillings that cover a larger area of the tooth. Composite resin fillings are good for the front teeth and can be used when chips or worn-down areas need to be filled in. Both the porcelain and composite resin can be made to match the color of the natural tooth.


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