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An estimated 10% of adults and 15% of children suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is the condition in which a patient grinds and clenches their teeth unconsciously. The grinding can be during the day (awake bruxism) or at night (sleep bruxism). 

This condition sounds innocent enough but can cause morning headaches and a sore jaw. Worse, the constant grinding will wear down teeth and lead to tooth breakage and other dental complications. The jaw muscles are some of the strongest forces of the entire body. 

Sleep bruxism is a sleep-related movement disorder that is linked to other sleep disorders, such as snoring or sleep apnea. 

Patients with sleep bruxism are recommended to use a nightguard (also called nocturnal bite plates, mouth guards, or dental guards) to cushion the jaw and relieve tension on the muscles by placing a barrier between the teeth. Severe awake bruxism may also require a guard during the day. 

Custom-made guards will provide more protection than over-the-counter guards. Tucson Premier Smiles provides bruxism evaluates and custom guards in Tucson, Arizona. Call 520-747-0017 for an appointment.


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